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Colca Canyon Trek Guide

Hiking in Peru, especially in the Colca Canyon will be challenging but the rewards are great with some of the most spectacular scenery in Peru
3 Dec

Colca Canyon Trek Guide

Trekking on your holiday to Peru you may just think of the famous Inca Trail, a four day hike to the Inka ruins at Machu Picchu, but if you desire an independant trek that isnt as crowded and equally as beautiful, then maybe trekking in Peru s Colca Canyon is for you. The Colca Canyon trek may not have the archaelogical sites of the Inca Trail, but the natural scenery is equally if not more beautiful. It is said that the canyon is around 11000 feet deep, more than twice that of the Grand Canyon in the United States, but this is measured from the high peaks to the floor of the canyon. The setting is spectacular and the hiking is challenging, most of the hikes are a short two or three days in duration and you will see condors and get to soak in some wonderful hot springs.

If you have the time to do the trek slowly you will benefit greatly from the experience, a lot of people do the hike in a day and dont enjoy the experience, it is much better to take a couple of days and take in the magnificence of the mountains.

Sangalle is the main destination for trekkers, here you will find some places to sleep, not very glamourous but clean and also places to eat and drink beer. But to get to Sangalle you will have to first pass the town of Cabanaconde and the tiny village of Lahuar, this will take around four to five hours, almost entirely downhill, Lahuar has two hostels and the first one features hot springs perfect after a long days walk, it is advisable to stay the night one of the new bungalows, as these are cleaner and in a better location. From Lahuar there is an uphill walk for around two hours after which there is a dirt track travelling through the canyon, before you reach the back packer village of Sangalle. The next day is mostly a steep climb back to Cabanaconde.