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About Us

The Luxe Cusco Hostel offers a beautiful colonial house in a prime location, just steps from the main square of Cusco.

Story About US

The Luxe Cusco Hostel, is located in a colonial house, which has in its architecture remains of the History of Cusco (Incas Walls), which is part of the cultural heritage of the nation, conditioned respecting all the rules that entails being part of the monumental hull And the historical center of Cusco.

The Luxe Cusco Hostel is an excellent option for our fellow travelers looking for comfort, security and fun. now the Imperial City of Cusco has a different luxury option to the others, check it yourself in our Hostel in Cusco.

Our Hostel in Cusco, has young, trained, friendly staff, that make the traveler feel completely comfortable and satisfied. Within our facilities, we have all the services that today’s traveler needs.

Good Prices
Good Location
Welcome Travellers

Tv Cable

Our privat matrimonial room have cable TV, with more than 90 channels so you always stay informed.


In our hostel we have a very good WiFi signal that you can enjoy for free.

Recreatoin Area

We have recreation areas so you can have fun completely free in your spare time.


Do not hesitate to ask about our tours, we have the best guides.


You have at your disposal our kitchen to prepare your favorite dishes.

Tourist information

We are able to provide tourist information of our city completely free.


Our Bar is fully equipped so you can taste our national drinks and more.

Security box

First your peace of mind, if you have valuables do not hesitate to ask for our safe.


For your safety you can request that we get the Taxi service at no additional cost.

Pc with Internet

If you do not have a laptop, you can use our computer for guests with Internet.


We have the mission to offer quality services in a completely comfortable and adequate place, being friendly, hygienic, welcoming, safe and above all providing cheap accommodation in Cusco.

All this adding an environmental and social responsibility with our Imperial City of Cusco.


The Luxe Cusco Hostel, tiene como anhelo convertirse en una empresa líder en hotelería para mochileros, cuya característica principal sea alcanzar la excelencia en todo lo que nos propongamos, llegando a ser un Hostel reconocido a nivel local y Nacional.

Usted puede ayudarnos a que nuestra visión se haga realidad formando parte de nuestros exclusivos clientes, así poco a poco podremos crecer y cumplir todas nuestras metas.

The Luxe Cusco Hostel

The Luxe Cusco Hostel is an exclusive meeting place for backpackers looking to stay in the very center of the Imperial city, in a house that is part of the monumental area of Cusco.

One of the first colonial houses built by the Spaniards when they took the Inca empire, almost five hundred years ago.